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Reef and Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing

The cobalt blue waters of the Atlantic with the warm Gulf Stream delivering a constant ‘conveyor belt’ of food acts as a magnet for the oceanic pelagic and predatory species including blue and white marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo and mahi mahi.

Big game fishing is largely by trolling but there are plenty of opportunities for fly fishing too and the experienced charter boat skippers will put you on the fish if you want to chance your arm with some blue water fly action!

Reef Fishing

With many spectacular reefs, including the third largest barrier reef in the world, there are opportunities for reef, or bottom fishing, on any island of The Bahamas and unlike flats or deep sea fishing it’s perfect for complete beginners and you are virtually guaranteed to catch fish with a little patience. It’s the ideal opportunity to get the whole family involved or to introduce a non-angling partner to the joys of the sport! Or, if you just want a break from the concentration of fly fishing on the flats or working out with the pelagic deep sea species, it’s a great way to get a bend in a travel rod.

Triggers, snappers, yellow fins, grouper and barracuda are the main species with both bait and lure fishing successful - but don’t think it’s all about small fish, there are serious specimens to be caught - and opportunities to put a fish or two on the grill too!

With over 50 angling records in the books the Islands of The Bahamas are one of the most iconic angling destinations on the planet offering idyllic islands, warm seas, extensive flats, reefs, mangrove fringes, deep oceanic water and vastly-experienced guides. All in all it is year-round fishing of the very highest quality for everyone from first timers to seasoned rods.