Getting to Long Island is not as hard as it seems. We are happy to share our years of experience flying to and from Long Island, just let us know if we can help.

For guests who would like to research flights first—we offer the current connecting schedules for you here as well as information on our preferred method of travel—air charter.

In either case —be sure to follow our one simple travel rule if flying in and out of Nassau to Long Island—we call it our “12:30 RULE”. In short—when looking into flights into Nassau (NAS), be sure to book a flight that arrives by 12-12:30 at the latest as most of the connections to Stella Maris Airport (SML) depart Nassau at 2pm. On the outbound, do not book anything that leaves Nassau before 12:30-1:00pm as you will take the morning flight that leaves SML at 9 and arrives NAS at 9:45. You really need to allow 3 hours in Nassau as you clear US customs there before you board your flight.

A Passport is required for entry in to the Bahamas.

Charter Flights

Flight time is approximately 45 minutes. Planes can accommodate from 5 to 9 passengers. This is how I travel and I am always on time!(read more)

Scheduled Flights

A 45 minute flight from the capital of the Bahamas new Lynden Pindling International Airport will bring you to Long Island. There are two airports on Long Island Stella Maris (SML) which is approximately a 20 minute drive North...(read more)

Private Pilots

Nearly every day, our weather is as clear as our water. The cumulus clouds dot the sky at around 2,500 feet in the morning, rising to 7,500 feet in the afternoon. These are the perfect conditions for flying. Plan a trip...(read more)