Bonefish Guides

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Bone fishing

The Out Islands — The Perfect Bonefish Habitat

The Out Islands, with miles and miles of pristine flats and productive seagrass beds, are perfect bonefish habitat, and the fish reside in vast numbers throughout the entire chain. There are so many bonefish in the Bahamas that they often form schools so large that when they’re feeding on the bottom they kick up enough sand – called “mudding” – that it’s visible from your plane as you fly over. In other fishing destinations you may have just a few chances to cast to fish each day, but in the Out Islands, steady action is the norm. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’re easy to catch. Bonefish are notoriously wary – they’re hunted by lightning fast barracuda, and stay on constant alert, spooking and running at any strange vibration, splash or even a shadow.

Test your bonefishing prowess on Long Island

Fishermen must use stealth in their approach, and have to spot the fish before making a well-placed cast that presents the lure without spooking the bonefish. Fortunately, Long Island is home to the finest set of bonefish guides in the world. Until your eyes begin to adapt, you’ll swear the guide is pointing at nothing. Trust him, though, cast where he says, then give your line a little tickle… and suddenly, the line will pull taught and begin tearing off the reel. Try to lift your rod and it will bend double as the bonefish takes off on one of their truly incredible, blistering runs. Play the fish right, and after another spectacular run, you’ll have him next to you for a quick photo, a “thanks for the memory!” and a release back into the water.