We trust you’ll fall in love with everything your villa has to offer, but in the event you want to leave the idyllic beachfront—there’s plenty of opportunity to explore Long Island by land and by sea. World class fishing charters, diving opportunities or eco-tours—the island is a treasure.

Guest quote:

Can’t say enough positive things about the island. It's beautiful, with true Bahamian unspoiled character. Every off-the-main-road turn holds an adventure.

Reef and Deep Sea Fishing

The cobalt blue waters of the Atlantic with the warm Gulf Stream delivering a constant “conveyor belt” of food acts as a magnet for the oceanic pelagic and predatory species including blue and white marlin, sailfish, tuna...(read more)

Bone fishing

The Out Islands, with miles and miles of pristine flats and productive seagrass beds, are perfect bonefish habitat, and the fish reside in vast numbers throughout the entire chain. There are so many bonefish in the Bahamas...(read more)

Snorkeling & Diving

For those not dive certified, there is still plenty to see and experience with just a mask, fins and a snorkel. My personal favorite trip with Captain Delbert includes the morning snorkeling and maybe catching some fresh conch...(read more)

Explore & Eco Tour

Island is eco-friendly and endowed with natural beauty and charm that provides endless opportunities to experience nature hikes, nature walks and eco-marine activities. A small flock of flamingos migrated from Inagua...(read more)